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Yandere Zombie Shooter Online Apps Yandere Zombie Shooter Online Apps

Grinding online Shooter Game with CO-OP and Deathmatch


Japanese High School Girl Survival Simulator Online Multiplayer CO-OP or Deathmatch is a mindblowing action simulation FIRST (1st) PERSON and THIRD (3rd) PERSON SURVIVAL ACTION SHOOTER like you have not SEEN BEFORE yet!

Fight alone or in Team with your friend or with other people all around the world to defeat the dreadful zombie waves!

Choose one of 20 WEAPONS to fully destroy all upcoming Zombies and Zombie Bosses!

Keep leveling your Weapons up to become the strongest zombie killer all over the world!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ Fully customizable character, choose any School girl/swimsuit/Leotard/yandere style/sailor summer/sailor winter uniform that you like.
★ All customizable characters can be SEEN by OTHER PLAYERS
★ More than 100 millions of different avatar possibilties
★ play with your friends or with other people or play ALONE, create rooms, make them public or private any way you like
★ Room's Limit can go up to 14 Players! So 14 players can play at the same time and destroy zombies or in Deathwatch trying to destroy each other
★ Lobby with all games currently available are browse-able
★ More than three different tiers available with each tier has more than 500 different difficulties. Each higher difficulty gives you more ressources
★ Use the Cloud backup to backup your current safe game
★ Choose your favorite Weapons, like Pistols Revolver, Shotungs, Drum-Magazin Pump Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Bows, Crossbow, Rocker Launcher, Flame Thrower or Sniper Rifles.
★ An offline mode is available if you have reached a very high power level
★ incredible amazing CO-OP or Deathmatch mode is meant to be played
★ Lot's of Graphics and Gameplay Options so this game should run smooth on almost any device
★ Pets, choose one of more than 8 different pets, like dog, cat (neko), lama, cash chow, lucky pig and many more.
★ Switch between first and third person any time you want
★ Chat Functionality, exchange messages as many as you want with other people in your room
★ Powerful Realtime Leaderboard, Yes realtime, all values are updated immediately and right now
★ jump, crawl, walk, run or aim in 3rd person mode
★ keep shooting, aiming, firing using scope in 1st person mode
★ Zombies have different hit zones that lead to different damage hits, like head, torso, hips, thighs, arms etc.
★ 20 different realistic and perfectly animated weapons are available with many amazing features
★ collect Gold, Jade, Amthetists and BlackGold to upgrade your Powerlevel and improve your Leaderboard Score
★ Sato's Black Damage
★ Use the Leaderboard functionality to see all other peoples AVATAR
★ You won't find such game anywhere

fiber_new Whats New!!

Upgrade to latest Android API Level
Bug fixes

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  • App Name : Yandere Zombie Shooter Online
  • Package Name : schoolgirl.supervisor.survival.simulator
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  • File Size:58.99 MB
  • Requires Android:Android 4.1 and up
  • Version:141
  • Installs:100000
  • Price:Free
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developer_modeAbout Developer
  • Developer Name:Sergeant Sato
  • Developer Mail : [email protected]
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