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Interactively explore the RF spectrum. Catch a wave, tell your friends.


Radwave makes it possible to interactively explore full resolution RF spectrum. You can look through massive datasets served from the cloud using just your phone or tablet, or use an RTL-SDR dongle and the RTL2832U driver app to collect data locally on your device and interactively explore in real time.
You can dynamically zoom in and out in time and frequency, pause, and go back in time - all without losing any samples. If you find something cool, tag it and share with friends.

Radwave’s cloud based datasets currently include data from Breakthrough Listen, including data from Voyager 1 and ‘Oumuamua. Radwave’s core technology provides low latency1 access to full resolution spectrograms created from the raw GUPPI files. By using intuitive pan/zoom gestures, you can easily explore the full resolution spectrum, manipulating time, frequency and power colorization dynamically. Coming soon are datasets collected from Radwave HQ for FM radio and NOAA weather satellites.

Radwave core technology is its interactive real-time spectrogram/waterfall plot. It shows the entire spectrum - utilizing every sample2 - for the entire collection3. Frequencies are aligned over time as you change the RF center frequency4, helping you make sense of what you see.

Learn more at www.radwave.com.

Please note that Radwave does *NOT* currently support audio demodulation. This functionality is planned for a future release, but is not in the current version.

1 Cloud based datasets are currently hosted in AWS US East 1, so latency may vary geographically

2 Adjacent non-overlapping DFT windows

3 Up to device limitations

4 Alignment limited by buffer uncertainty

We're in beta!

We're launching in beta as a crowd funding method, but without you having to wait to have something usable. We'll be continuing to add features and functionality. Email us at [email protected] or contact us on Twitter at @RadwaveRF and let us know what you want to see so that we can prioritize our time.

fiber_new Whats New!!

Now including Breakthrough Listen! Explore the spectrum to find Voyager 1 transmissions, and compare 'Oumuamua ON/OFF observations! More cloud based datasets coming soon.

Interactive power spectral density plot to control spectrogram colors!

Bug fix for controlling gain with remote rtl_tcp instance and other settings fixes.

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